Home Refurbishment/Maintenance

Flooring Maintenance Refubishment

At Siteform, 75% of our business is laying new brand new flooring.  The other 25% is scheduled maintenance on many of the floors we fit originally, and refurbishment of legacy clients floors and new clients who have had poorly fitted floors.

Wood floor repairs is one of our most common services, which often accompanies wider wood floor restoration projects.  Wooden floors are often damaged by leakages from appliances or other sources of moisture or scratched by moving or installing new furniture.

We can help with floor repairs and scratch repairs on variety of floors, including parquet flooring, engineered flooring, laminates and repairs of original pine floorboards or any other solid wood flooring.

Flooring Services Provided To Commercial Businesses & Public Sector

Our floor repairs & Refurbishment services are available to both businesses, public sector organisations and insurance companies. For a full list of services, please see below.


Surface Maintenance


Surface Refurbishment

No Matter The Condition of Your Floor or Type, We Can Help

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  • Wood Sanding/Shaving
  • Re-coating/Varnishing
  • Match & Replace
  • Underlay/Sub Floor Replacement
  • Deep Clean (Carpet)
  • Water & Damp
  • Loose Parquet Blocks
  • Scratches
  • Stains & Boards
  • Re-gluing Vinyl & Linoleum Flooring
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