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Raised access flooring is a great option for cable management solutions for large offices with many computer users.

A common use is for server rooms.  As well as cable management, it also gives greater advantage in terms of temperature control, by addition of cooling modules underneath and through the raised flooring.

Why choose our services

Our raised access flooring solutions are installed by qualified expert fitters,  ensuring you get the best look a functionality.  We can work with other project contractors to make sure you achieve your desired outcome without delay or mistakes.

Qualified Workers

We take pride in every job we expertly complete. That is why all of Siteform's work is covered by our quality assurance guarantee.

Competitive Pricing

With our strong relationships with suppliers around the world, Siteform has access to discounts that reflect in our invoice.

Premium Service

At Siteform, we are as proud of the excellent quality of our customer service as we are about the quality of our great products.

A Wide Variety of Raised Access Flooring

Siteform has a wide range of raised access flooring patterns and materials.  Form practical to presentational, we’ll have the flooring you are looking for at the right budget.

  • Low Profile Raised Access (Cable Management)
  • Standard Traditional Access Flooring
  • Air Ventilation Raised Access Flooring (Covid-19 Measures)
Raised Access Flooring Applications

Raised access flooring is a great solutions for business and for education institutions.  It’s modular form means cost of ownership is low, and maintenance is easy and cost effective.

  • Offices/Call Centers
  • Data Centers
  • Libraries
  • Classrooms
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