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Each type of flooring has its own particular sub floor preparation. So, from heated underlay to moisture testing & the applications of surface damp-proof membranes, we have the expertise to accommodate you project needs.

Our experts work tirelessly on each and every project to make sure the sub floor preparation is nothing short of a work of art.  These hidden masterpieces show in the final results.

Remove And Smooth

It is important to make sure your flooring area is free of debris before applying smoothing compounds or screeding.

Affordable Prices

We perform checks for levels moisture before applying the relevant sub floor materials to ensure a quality job every time.

Concrete Sub Flooring

When laying any of our flooring over new or old concrete sub floor, we always ensure the moisture levels are no higher than 75%RH as standard.

Surface Lamps

We employee the use of surface lamps when working with cement sub flooring preparations to aid in a quick and quality finish.


Screeding is the use of materials or compounds that will help level the sub flooring preparation so the final result is perfect.

Plywood Sub Flooring

We use plywood as a sub flooring preparation when overlaying suspended floors, using 6mm flooring grade sheet.

If You Thinks It's Expensive Hiring a Professional, Wait Until You Hire an Amateur!

At Siteform, we believe the mark of a truly professional flooring company, is not what you can see, but what you can’t.

Like with construction, the building is only as strong as the foundations it is built upon.  The same goes for flooring.  If you lay a luxury flooring on a badly prepared sub flooring, it will cost more money in the long-run to have multiple repairs done on heavy traffic areas of the floor.

We believe it is important to have that strong foundation to your flooring installation.  From moisture checks to serious levels of quality control, we can assure all of our clients a high quality job from start to finish.

  • Remove debris and smooth sub floor surface.
  • Remove an unevenness
  • lumps and bumps.
  • Check for moister (No more than 75% RH for fitting of luxury vinyl tiles).
  • Application of surface drying lamps (if cement or other compounds).
  • Minimum 6mm plywood (CFA - BS 8203).
  • Properly ventilated and cured screeding.
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